Study Symposium - Nashville

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A Study Symposium for the USUA was held from April 29 to May 2 in the charming Scarritt-Bennett Center in Nashville Tennessee. The Southern Kindred Spirits Urantia Association sponsored the IUA symposium and the theme was "Disseminating the Teachings: Strategies for Sharing Personal Truth."

Participants were encouraged to prepare for the the conference by reflecting on Jesus' techniques of sharing truth as told in The Urantia Book and in the New Testament gospels, and to prepare their own personal parable that could be shared. Workshops were held in which participants explored ways to understand our neighbors; Jesus' personal ministry; praying for the extension of the family of God; embellishing and illuminating the truth in what people say; and using parables in our personal ministry.

Jeffrey Wattles introduced the theme with a key note speech, and inspiring plenary addresses were given by Jane Ploetz, James Perry, Voyette Perkins-Brown, and Preston Thomas.

The very diverse array of participants included visitors from outside of the United States, members of both the IUA and Fellowship, young readers (many of whom were second generation readers,) as well as non-affiliated readers. The Southern Kindred Spirits did an excellent job insuring a high quality program and a thoroughly enjoyable conference.

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