The Opening of Urantia Book Internet School

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The Internet School sub-committee of the Coordinating Committee is happy to announce that the Urantia Book Internet School (UBIS) opened for registration on June 10, 1999, with the first course beginning on July 5. Interested readers will find a link to the School on the Urantia Foundation website. They will be able to read about the purpose, philosophy, and method of operation of the School, and then click on the page that lists the courses, dates and Teacher/Facilitators.

The first semester will offer nine courses with subject material and topics from all four parts of the book. the results of the "Test Class" held last Fall indicate that the format and participation works best with a maximum of ten students per course. This Internet School is dedicated only to the Study of The Urantia Book, and it is a service sponsored by Urantia Foundation -and the International Urantia Association (IUA) for the community of readers of The Urantia Book.

The organizers wish to welcome your participation in this new project, both as "student readers" and "teacher/facilitators." We hope that the text on the Urantia Foundation UBIS site will give you a good overview of the purpose, philosophy, and spirit of the Urantia Book Internet School.

Note that it is important to have access to Email and the World-Wide-Web in order to participate. Check it out on our website at

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