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Report from Cathy Jones

The term "promised valley" took on a new meaning on Sunday, June 13, 1999. Amidst the backdrop of the beautiful snow capped mountains surrounding Salt Lake City, a project which began in 1993 was realized with the licensing of the Urantia Association of Utah, with 23 charter members.

As the group met it was like greeting family members. Five are currently hosting study groups. It didn't take long to bond and start making arrangements to visit each others' meetings. There is much enthusiasm for book placement, outreach programs, and seminars/retreats. They are anxious to be part of the global, international brotherhood of Urantia Book believers.

This is the twenty second member of the United States Urantia Association that is working interdependently with Urantia Foundation in the dissemination of The Urantia Book.

Pro-tem officers are:

  • Bill Gardner, President
  • Brent Richards, Vice President
  • Colleen Gardner, Secretary
  • Hercules Caiviilo, Treasurer

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