Millennium Initiative Report

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The Millennium Initiative Committee met again in Vermont from June 11-13 to continue their discussions on unity within the Urantia movement. the following is a report of the results of the weekend's discussions:

Millennium Initiative Committee Statement the Gulley, Vermont, USA
June 13, 1999

The Millennium Initiative Committee, in unanimity, believes that true unity of purpose, as manifest in a unified, worldwide reader community, is in the best interests of the fifth epochal revelation as we enter the next millennium.

To that end, and with utmost respect for the self-acting integrity of the existing organizations in the community, we unanimously recommend aformal working alliance between the International Urantia Association and The Urantia Book Fellowship.

While the common experience and deepened friendships which were a significant part of our work together will forever bind the participants, we agreed to dissolve the Millennium Initiative Committee and encourage the existing organizations to continue this process.

In friendship,

Travis Binion, Hoile Caston, Steve Dreier, Dave Elders, Marta Elders, Janet Farrington, Fred Harris, Sioux Harvey, David Kantor, Seppo Kanerva, Carolyn Kendall, Eddie King, Lyn Lear, Dan Massey, Jane Ploetz, Gustavo Proano, Chris Ragetly, Nancy Shaffer, Paul Snider, Kathleen Swadling

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