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The following is an announcement from Elizabeth Engstrom who initiated, managed, and coordinated a very successful prison library donation project.

As of February 1, 1999, the Prison Project has placed a copy of The Urantia Book in every prison in the United States. This amazing accomplishment was made possible in only twenty-two months with the contribution of thousands of dollars by hundreds of Urantia Book readers and believers, and with the cooperation of the Urantia Foundation, who made books available to this project for the $5 postage fee.

As a result, hundreds of prison chaplains have become familiar with the book, study groups are forming in prisons, and a newsletter forum for prisoner-readers to communicate with each other is being formulated. There is still a needfor books to be replaced in prison libraries as these books disappear, and as readership grows within prison walls. The Urantia Foundation willfulfill these requests made by the prison librarians and chaplains with books at a discounted rate. Donations for this purpose may be sent directly to the Foundation.

This concludes the Prison Project in its present form, as the time has come for us to turn our attention to other ministries. We encourage all of you who have donated to this project to monitor, when possible, the prisons who benefited from your generosity, and help the librarians replace the books when necessary.

Thanks to all of you who made this incredible journey possible.

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