Foundation offices to be Opened in Vancouver and Quebec City - Nathen and Kassandra Jansen, Richard Dore, Colette Peltier

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Plans are underway and volunteers have been found to open Foundation offices in Vancouver and Quebec City to service the book trade and readers for both English and French speaking provinces throughout Canada.

Husband and wife team, Nathen and Kassandra Jansen, long time students of The Urantia Book, have kindly volunteered their services to manage the office in Vancouver. This office will service the English speaking provinces and will be a distribution and information center for the English Urantia Book

Another wonderful husband and wife team, Richard Dore and Colette Peltier have volunteered their services to manage the office in Quebec City. Preliminary arrangements were made there recently during Tonia Baney's visit to Quebec City. This office will handle Foundation business for the French speaking province of Quebec and will be a distribution and information center for Le Livre d'Urantia.

From Montreal, Pierre and Lise Routhier will assist Richard and Colette in some of the duties of the Quebec office.

After the news about the office in Quebec City was announced at the reader meeting, readers were not shy in coming forward to volunteer their services. A supporter of the Quebec readers has offered to supply 100 completely operational computers for under $100 each. An experienced reader offered to organize a Quebec Teachers Corps. An IUA member offered his services as a financial professional to the Quebec Urantia Foundation office. All this is proof that the spirit of The Urantia Book is alive and well in Quebec.

Our deepest gratitude is extended to all those willing men and women who understand the needs for the spreading of this revelation and who choose to work interdependently and cooperatively with the Foundation.

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