Foundation and IUA "Meet the Readers" In Florida and Montreal

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The Trustees, Executive Director Tonia Baney, and IUA Administrator Cathy Jones continued the Foundation's efforts to reach out to readers in recent visits to Orlando, Florida, and Quebec, Canada. The bond of "interdependence" with the Foundation shone forth as IUA members and other Florida readers of The Urantia Book responded to the request to meet and get to know the Foundation's leaders.

Orlando, Florida - February 14,1999

It was a "heart" felt meeting with 80 readers in attendance. The "magic World of Disney" did not equal the spiritual energy flowing at the Courtyard Marriott in Lake Buena Vista.

Trustees Richard Keeler and Mo Siegel, shared their insights on Foundation history and action plans for future distribution of the Revelation. Tonia Baney explained the many elements involved in the administration of 533. Questions and answers ensued and there was a sense of realization among the readers that their opinions really mattered.

Cathy Jones explained the organizational structure of the IUA, which included the newly formed international governing body, the Council of Presidents and Vice Presidents (CNP.) All responded enthusiastically to the need of working shoulder-to-shoulder, as material partners, with the Thought Adjusters who have prepared those ready for the advanced teachings of The Urantia Book.

Montreal, Canada - February 28, 1999

The cold Canadian winter weather didn't dampen the determination of 45 enthusiastic readers who attended the Montreal meeting. Tonia Baney represented the Foundation, and Cathy Jones, the IUA.

Tonia gave a very comprehensive presentation on Urantia Book distribution and the function and responsibilities of a Foundation of fice pointing out that Urantia Foundation does not make any money through the sale of books.

Cathy Jones gave an overview of the IDA organizational structure, with a special emphasis on the CNP. She announced the formation of the Urantia National Association of Canada, which would include all three Canadian local associations. The Quebec group has the choice of actively participating with the other two English speaking groups or applying to the CNP for recognition as a separate entity based on their primary French language.

Tonia Baney said: "It was a joy to spend this time with our brothers and sisters in Quebec and to share in a unity of spirit amidst the differences in culture and language. We are thankful for their friendship."

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