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Urantia Book Internet School

Dorothy Elder
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Urantia Book Internet School

The following is an announcement from Dorothy Elder, Chair of the Internet University Committee:

The Coordinating Committee is pleased to announce and introduce the URANTIA BOOK INTERNET SCHOOL (UBIS), a project designed to enhance the reader's comprehension of The Urantia Book through study in an electronic setting. The.

UBIS will open in early Summer, 1999. The school will add another dimension to the established ways of study - individual, study groups, seminars, lectures, and conferences.

The UBIS is a new and truly exciting endeavor, and we want to tell you about it and askfor your help. The philosophy of the School will remain true to the purposes of the Declaration of Trust creating Urantia Foundation which is to help readers expand their comprehension and understanding of The Urantia Book concepts through a noninterpretive, non-invasive pedagogy.

The format for classes will be the "question and answer" Socratic method. An eight week "Test Class" has been held to experience and evaluate "distance learning, "the results of which will ably assist the "teacher/facilitators" in preparing their classes.


The School needs long time readers of The Urantia Book with teaching capabilities and time available to apply to the School at this time. If this is a way you can be of service to the readership, ifyou have special areas of interest in the book that you have studied, and if you would like to join us in this new project, please fill out the application form attached and send it to Dorothy Elder - [email protected] - before February 20,1999.

We are preparing for a group of fifteen to twenty teachers/facilitators to present the first semester of courses. Once your application has been accepted the School will send you ample material and guidelines to assist you in preparing your class - (the technical aspects of internet study.)

Teachers also must have proficiency in using Internet e-mail skills.

The School's overall strategy and development of curriculum is in development at this time. Therefore, for the first year of study, the classes will be of general interest, specific in nature, and the topics will be selected by the teachers, and approved by the Committee.