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The following is a message from Cathy Jones regarding the new local association of USUA in Puerto Rico.

Dear Friends,

On Sunday, January 24, 1999 thirty five enthusiastic Puerto Rico readers joined the IUA family. Trustee President, Richard Keeler, Rosendo de Aguilera and Hilvania Adams of the Urantia Association of Greater New York, and I made the trip down to Puerto Rico. Hilvania contributed greatly to the organizing success, having worked the bookfair in San Juan in November. Rosendo can always be counted on to bring sincerity and warmth.

I am so grateful the Charter was changed last year to include the "Friend of IUA" membership category for those who haven't completed reading the entire Book With this change we are able to capture the glow and excitement of the new reader to work along side the experienced reader. Every member fully understood the mission, task oriented fundamentals of IUA, the importance of supporting the Declaration of Trust, and accepting our responsibility to be interdependent with the Trustees in the dissemination of the teachings of The Urantia Book.

Richard delivered his very informative and inspirational message in Spanish, the national language for Puerto Rico. The meeting was conducted in both English and Spanish. But the true language of the day was the language of the heart. As the Charter was signed, each new member was given an opportunity to speak briefly, expressing his and her gratitude to the Father and Thought Adjuster for leading them to the mental and spiritually expanding experience of receiving The Urantia Book. I was struck with the realization that we are merely the material partners with the Thought Adjusters who lead those ready for revealed truth.

Artillio and Sophia Zaupa opened their beautiful hillside home for the meeting. We all enjoyed the breath-taking view of the city of San Juan. They are natives of Italy and fluent in Italian, Spanish and English. Artillio is a 28-year reader who was thrilled to be meeting a Trustee.

We have twelve voting members with twenty three non-voting Friends of IUA! I hope you will make our new brothers andsisters welcome.

The officers are:

Serge Bisson
San Juan Marina
P.O.Box 009020485
San Juan, PR 00902

Ph: (787) 647-1036
e-mail: <[email protected]>

Attilio Zaupa
P.O.Box 389
Guaynabo, PR 00970

Ph: (809) 789-61 15

Cynthia Mantel, wife of President, Serge Bisson

Rual Pujol
P.O. Box 363042
San Juan, PR 00936-3042

Ph: (787) 760-2843
e-mail: <[email protected]>

In loving service,

Cathy Jones

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