Nevada Urantia Association Chartered

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By Cathy Jones

On Sunday October 4, 1998 the Nevada Urantia Association became a reality. As one member commented, "it finally happened!"

The meeting was held in Boulder City. If one were not aware of the contrasting spirit of the Las Vegas strip, you would never guess its existence just a few miles away. Gard and Florence Jameson graciously opened their spacious and exquisitely decorated home, overlooking Lake Mead, for the occasion.

Members are mostly from Nevada with two from the Arizona border. There is a beautiful blend of personality and diversity of background. The main ingredient permeating the day was love. Few of the people had met previously, but there was an instant recognition of kindred spirits. The Nevada Urantia Association is bound together with the common goal of striving to do the Father's will, disseminating the teachings of The Urantia Book, and focusing on service.

The total membership is 21; 14 regular and 7 "Friends of IUA" who have met all the membership requirements with the exception of reading The Urantia Book in its entirety. Officers are:

  • President - Margaret Canpinar
  • Vice-President - Jan Bernard
  • Secretary - Chuck Fallon.

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