The Trademarks: The Concentric-Circles Symbol and the words "Urantia" and "Urantian"

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We are told that the symbol is "the material emblem of the Trinity government" (606:0). The circles were displayed as "the banner of Michael" under which the "loyalists" rallied when "there was war in heaven," during the Lucifer rebellion. The circles were used by Machiventa during his time on earth, and many readers therefore associate them with the Third Epochal Revelation.

It is only natural that The Urantia Book, as the material manifestation of the fifth epochal revelation, bear the Concentric-Circles Symbol. It is only natural that Urantia Foundation, as the publisher-custodian of The Urantia Book and the owner of the copyright in The Urantia Book, register the Concentric-Circles Symbol a service mark, trademark, and collective membership mark. This trademark identifies the organization charged with custodianship of The Urantia Book, as well as identifying the affiliated organizations that support Urantia Foundation in its duties of dissemination and protection of the Book. These affiliated organizations are those groups desirous of co-operating with the plan of the Revelators.

But, let's suppose that the copyright were in the public domain, and that Urantia Foundation had lost its trademarks. What would be the consequences?

Immediately, a number of commercial publishers would break the Book into separate parts and publish them. Simplified versions of the text would flourish on the market. Digests would be published. And great confusion would ensue because people would not know which book carried the entire and authentic revelation.

Immediately, there would be dozens of translations of different Papers and parts of the Book. Many translations would be done by professional translators working, not for love of the Revelation, but for money. There would likely be no or few mechanisms in place to ensure translations of beauty and accuracy, resulting in pandemonium and leading to confusion in all countries and among actual and especially potential readers.

Social groups of readers would also become publishers and enter into competition for control of both the market and the readership, instead of being busy with social activities such as education, dissemination, and brotherhood.

Is this what we want for the unfolding of the fifth epochal revelation? Is this the desire of the Revelators? Will this help the development of a worldwide brotherhood of believers?

What is Urantia Foundation going to do? Urantia Foundation will continue on the course set in 1950 by the first Trustees and the Declaration of Trust. Urantia Foundation will continue to fulfil its trust and its duties.

Translations. Urantia Foundation plans to translate The Urantia Book into 60 languages by the year 2030. We shall concentrate on the most important languages so that more than 80% of the world population will have access to the Revelation in their own language by that time.

Publishing and distributing The Urantia Book worldwide. Publishing and distribution of The Urantia Book is a business task and therefore needs a professional approach. Urantia Foundation attended more than 12 international book fairs last year and has expanded its network of distributors.

Promotion of a friendly environment for Co-operation. Teamwork is based on trust and respect for one other. We are all dedicated readers. The Trustees of Urantia Foundation are willing to cooperate and work in harmony with individuals or groups who believe in the importance of the Revelation for our planet, and who are willing to work in partnership with the Revelators and in support of the Declaration of Trust.

Secondary works. Most of us agree that derivative works are sometimes necessary and desirable. Even so, we should remember that The Urantia Book is the revelation and should not be supplanted in the mind of the potential reader by any human interpretations.

Promotion of Unity and Peace Among Readers. Genuine, justifiable and lasting unity can be built only on wise co-operation and recognition of the Revelators' plan for the revelation. Unity must be principled.

Conclusion. Most of us observe and experience that, for the present time, The Urantia Book appeals only to a few individuals. This may be regarded as proof that the Book was given to us before the world was ready for it.

Therefore, and I say again, Urantia Foundation is willing to cooperate with all individuals and all service-oriented groups who realize the importance of such a project, who understand the necessity for friendly cooperation, for loyalty to the Revelators' plan, and for a solid and stable foundation for the day when the teachings will be accepted on a broader scale.

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