Reader Comments About The Urantia Book

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"In my private prayer time, I asked God, 'Please give me all the information about you that I can possibly handle." Two months later I discovered The Urantia Book. I would go to the library to read parts of it. One day I came out of the library and just looked up into the clear blue sky and said, 'My God, I had no idea.' " ~ Tennessee, USA

"I read it with open heart and excited outlook on our future. It gives us hope and knowledge we count on as being from the true God of love. Our lives are different now. We have a clearer purpose than the 'Christian' churches could ever hope to give us. Thank you Urantia Foundation for being there." ~ E-mail

"After years and years of futile search, only then was I guided into the Real Source of my peace and happiness, your compilation of the Angelic Revelations about everything in The Urantia Book. I am going through it for the second time presently." ~ Jamil Nadu, INDIA

"Since March, I have been reading The Urantia Book. Little did I know that the beginning of a new and imposing book would embark me on a crusade of my soul. Many things have I learned like achieving knowledge of truth. This almost sudden change of life leaves me in a never-ending ecstasy of appreciating life." ~ Montreal, CANADA

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