International Conference of IUA in Helsinki, Finland

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The fourth International Study Conference of IUA, held in August in Helsinki, was sponsored by the Finnish Urantia Association. This was the first International IUA Study Conference held outside of the United States.

The theme for the Helsinki Conference was Facts, Meanings, and Values. During the four-day conference, this theme was examined from various viewpoints and perspectives by all of the speakers. Readers from all over the world, the majority being Europeans, attended the conference. This was a new and invigorating experience for many of the English speaking readers, who were given the opportunity to appreciate the dedication of readers from other cultures.

The Finnish hosts provided copies of all lectures in both English and Finnish prior to each talk. The talks were also projected on screen in the two conference languages. All talks are available in English in a special conference issue of the IUA Journal that can be obtained from the Foundation headquarters in Chicago. Copies of the talks in Finnish may also be obtained from the Foundation office in Helsinki.

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