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Flood Free Basement at 533

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Flood Free Basement at 533

The construction of high-rise apartment buildings in the late 60's and early 70's, combined with the fact that there are no separate storm drain systems in the immediate area, caused sudden and severe basement flooding at S33 during typical Midwest thunderstorms. There are some readers whose no doubt fondest memories of a visit to 533 were of helping to bail out the basement!

After 30 years the problem has finally been addressed by configuring the building drainage (downspouts and gutters) and the interior plumbing waste lines, into a pump assisted line to tie in well above the level of the street sewers.

This has allowed two rooms in the basement to be refurbished and wired up with computer equipment and desks, and has also expanded the availability of safe, dry storage areas for our book supplies.

Now the staff and residents of S33 can enjoy the spectacular summer storms without the dread of mop-up time afterwards!