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Urantia Foundation Representatives

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Urantia Foundation Representatives

URANTIA Foundation wants to keep in touch with readers of The URANTIA Book around the world and to learn about their ideas concerning the dissemination of the teachings of the book. The Trustees and staff have become increasingly conscious of the international nature of our movement. Truly, the Revelation appeals to all peoples of the world. In addition, the Trustees know that in many countries there are dedicated, long time readers willing to devote their time to serving other readers, fostering the revelation, and helping the dissemination of its teachings.

Therefore, the Trustees have established the appointment of URANTIA Foundation Representatives in those countries where no Foundation Office exists. The first Representatives have been appointed and have assumed their duties.

These Representatives, who serve without pay, respond to readers' inquiries and foster study groups. They also attend book fairs and establish ties with the book industry in their country. The representatives, who are required to have read the book, also help differentiate between The URANTIA Book and other so-called sacred texts or materials.

The Trustees see the Representatives as a means to inform readers of Foundation policies and programs and a way to obtain information from other countries. The Representatives are one more step in the internationalization of the fifth epochal revelation.

URANTIA Foundation has appointed representatives in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Estonia, Holland, Lithuania, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela. The Foundation has appointed Seppo Kanerva as the coordinator of these representatives. We intend to appoint additional representatives in Belgium, Canada, the Congo, Korea, and Switzerland.