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Report from IUA Administrator, Cathy Jones

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Report from IUA Administrator, Cathy Jones

Greetings Friends,

May has been very interesting and eventful. It was great to work with the staff at 533 for three weeks. Thank you Jay, Kathleen, Trevor, Connie, Bob, Sheila, and Sarah for your welcome and help in so many ways. The Tuesday night study group proved to be stimulating and lively. The group gets down to some major studying.

Travis Binion and I accompanied the Trustees and Tonia on their visit to New York and Boston. The Trustees were warmly received by President Rosendo de Aguilera and the Urantia Association of Greater New York on the 14th. It was an evening of good food and Urantia conversation, highlighted by a spontaneous “serenade” outside the restaurant by Rich Keeler, Georges Michelson-Dupont and company. The joint Fellowship/Association meeting was held at the Elks Club on the I5th. Many friendships were renewed and the Trustees and Tonia fielded questions and comments.

On Sunday the 16th, Travis and I attended the annual meeting of the Urantia Association of New England, President Nick Scalzo. Officers were elected and positive plans for the future were made. The Association hosted a joint WA/Fellowship meeting to introduce the Trustees and Tonia. They gave an inspiring explanation of where we are and where we are going with the Revelation. Questions were asked, a friendly atmosphere prevailed. A delicious lunch was prepared by the New England Association.

A new association is being formed in Missouri-Kansas. Invitation letters have been sent out and we are getting good response. Carrie and Jerry Prentice (Missouri) and Michael Wood (Kansas) are heading up the leadership. The licensing date is set for July 12.

Hope you in the US are planning to attend the National Conference at Glen Ivy in June. The setting is certainly beautiful. Your local president can supply you with details for registration. In 1997 “Fruits of the Spirit” was the theme. “Unity Without Uniformity” this year is bound to be equally inspirational.

It isn't too late to sign up for the International IUA Conference to be held in Finland August 7-10. This is an opportunity to meet our brothers and sisters from many countries, and the first IUA international conference outside the USA. Flight arrangements should be made right away.

Hoping everyone is enjoying a good summer! See you at conference.

In loving service, Cathy Jones