The Prison Project

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"A URANTIA Book in every prison in the world" is the mission statement of the newly formed Prison Project, an unofficial endeavor sponsored by the Northwest URANTIA Association (NUA). According to Liz Engstrom, the Director of the Prison Project and President of NUA, from its inception in March 1997, the Prison Project has placed copies of The URANTIA Book in every federal prison in the United States. In addition, in eight states books have been placed in every correctional facility-state and federal. More than 260 books were distributed in 1997.

The goal of the Prison Project is to place a book in every correctional facility in the United States by the end of March 1998. The project participants, working in cooperation with URANTIA Foundation, will see that one copy of the book goes to a prison library for every donation received for that purpose. First priority will be given to federal correctional facilities, then state institutions, and then other countries into whose languages the book has been translated.

The Foundation receives a continual stream of requests from prison inmates who have discovered the book and requested gift copies. There are study groups in many prisons and more are forming. We hear from prisoners almost daily that their lives are being changed by the teachings of The URANTIA Book.

If you or your group would like to participate in the Prison Project, one book will be placed for every $5 donation ($7 international). Make checks payable to URANTIA Foundation and send them to Liz Engstrom at P.O. Box 5684; Eugene, Oregon 97405; USA. Requests to provide books to specific institutions will be honored.

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