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In 1997, several events took place that provided a basis for future growth. Among them was the continuation of the strategic planning that began in 1996. In March and July 1997, the Foundation hosted weekend meetings at which attendees shared their ideas about, and vision for, the future. The notes and recordings taken at this meeting were used to make further changes to the strategic plan. In November 1997, a third meeting took place at which the attendees reviewed the plan and made further refinements. Some three hundred readers have participated in developing the strategic plan.

These planning meetings were not, however, all business. There were also social events, two of which were held at the elegant Dewes Mansion in Chicago. The highlight of the March event was the presentation of the Russian translation. It was a thrill to hear Tamara Solone, who is Russian, read a passage from the Russian translation. She described the translation as being "sparkling, beautiful Russian." After the dinner, a video was shown in which the story of the Russian translation was told, and a brief history of the Foundation was presented. This video is available from the Foundation. The highlight of the November gathering was the presentation of the Dutch translation. Nienke Begemann-Brugman read a passage from Het Urantia Boek and shared with us the history of, and her thoughts and feelings about, the translation. Nienke was the chief translator of the Dutch translation, which her father, Henry Begemann, started translating in 1975.

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