Future Plans

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The appointments of Mr. Jameson and Mr. Siegel come at an important time in the history of URANTIA Foundation.

In 1996, a process was begun at the Nashville conference to involve readers in assisting the Foundation Trustees in developing a "strategic plan," which sets forth goals for the future. Since the 1996 conference, research was conducted in cooperation with several hundred readers from a variety of reader groups to develop the basic themes of the plan's objectives.

In March, July, and November of 1997, readers helped to complete the plan. One of the main objectives of the plan is to effect the gradual and deliberate process of translating the book into many languages. Other objectives relate to making it easier for potential readers worldwide to access The URANTIA Book and related fraternal groups.

A further analysis of the research resulted in a clearer knowledge of reader concerns, namely: the rendering of service to readers who want information and contact with other readers; the protection of the copyright and marks; the perpetual preservation of the original text; the wide distribution of the book; the publication of study aids; and the dissemination of the revelation through attraction rather than invasive promotion.

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