Board of Trustees and Staff - Kwan Choi, Jay Peregrine, Connie Greene

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Phil Rolnick resigned from the Board of Trustees on December 31, 1996. Kwan Choi replaced him. Kwan is a Professor of Economics at Iowa State University and has read the book more than a dozen times. He adds an Asian perspective to the Board. More changes occurred in December 1997 with the resignations of Trustees Patricia Mundelius and Tom Burns. Pat and Tom will be missed by all who know them, but they leave behind a legacy of wise and patient growth. We shall also miss staff members Joan and Damian Bondi who resigned in November 1997. The Bondis loyally served URANTIA Foundation for almost 10 years.

Jay Peregrine from San Francisco and Connie Greene from Janesville, Wisconsin, are welcome additions to our staff which now consists of the following:

  • Tonia Baney - Executive Director
  • Jay Peregrine - Business Manager and Systems Administrator
  • Bob Solone - Reader Services, Spanish Desk
  • Connie Greene - Reader Services
  • Kathleen Swadling - Development Coordinator
  • Sheila Schneider - Administrative Assistant
  • Sarah Korhonen - Administrative Assistant
  • Seppo Kanerva - Chief Translator
  • Steve Baney - Volunteer (full-time)
  • Trevor Swadling - Volunteer (full-time)

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