What's the difference between this bulletin and URANTIAN News?

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URANTIAN News is a semi-annually publication which goes to the entire Foundation mailing list of approximately 13,000 readers, traditionally has been polished, and is professional and conservative. Because of the vast constituency, it tends to be impersonal and news is often announced months after the event. Newsflash is designed to get news out quickly to key people in the readership who work with the Foundation. Not a lot of attention will be made to format we will only be interested in imparting information in a timely fashion to you. You are viewed by the Foundation as an essential part of our team you're our hands and feet you are the ones who are in touch with grass-roots levels of the movement and we want you to know what is going on so you can assist us in keeping the readership informed and up-to-date with news and events.

We realize that a lack of communication from the Foundation has oftentimes contributed to allowing the spread of misinformation and negativity to work against us. It is important that readers are well apprised of what we do so that they can be in a better position to discern the truth about the Foundation's approach to its work and its trust.

We encourage you to contact us if you require clarification on any issue or concern, or if we have not informed you clearly in any way. We will need feedback to know if we are serving your needs adequately.

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