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The Foundation has opened offices in some countries to deal with book distribution and reader services in the surrounding regions. However, as the Foundation is starting to deal with more and more countries as new translations are being published, it is not economically viable to open an office in each country. Nor do the laws in some countries allow for non-profit organizations to function as freely as in some others.

To circumvent this problem, the Foundation has decided to enter into formal agreements with individual readers who are willing to work with the Foundation. These readers become official Foundation representatives. The following is their job description:

A Foundation Representative shall:

  • Assist Urantia Foundation in book distribution.

  • Help Urantia Foundation in the preparation and attendance of book fairs and book exhibitions.

  • Perform reader services.

  • Foster the formation and development of study groups.

  • Provide all information related to The Urantia Book from and to Urantia Foundation.

  • Help Urantia Foundation understand cultural and social differences in their respective countries, and explain Urantia Foundation's policies and viewpoints to their fellow countrymen.

  • Present a quarterly detailed report and make recommendations through the Representatives' Coordinator to the Trustees and the Executive Director.

  • Cooperate with Urantia Foundation in the spirit of The Urantia Book.

  • Have access to the available information and to the mailing list of his or her country.

  • Be provided with a list of bookshops and distributors that cany The Urantia Book in the representative's country.

  • Maintain an updated mailing list and make a quarterly copy thereof for the Foundation.

  • Facilitate and assist in the formation of IUA association(s) in the representative's country.

  • Render services on a voluntary basis without compensation.

  • Use the trademarks under the tenns of a Licensing Agreement, and recognize the ownership of Urantia Foundation on the copyright of The Urantia Book and its translations.

So far the following Foundation Representatives have been established:

Monsieur Francois Dupont, Brussels, Belgium; Senhor Luiz Carlos Dolabella Chagas, São Paulo, Brazil; Señor Mario Casassus Bulnes, Santiago de Chile, Chile; Señor Ramón Jacobo Ortiz, Santa Fe de Bogotá, Colombia; Mr. Peep Sõber, Tallinn, Estonia; Señor Gabriel Juárez Salazar, Zacatecas, Mexico; Señor Alfonso Luque Vásquez, Arequipa, Peru; Mrs. Victoria Strauss, Bern, Switzerland; Señor Carlos Ortega, Caracas, Venezuela.

Three more readers (in Norway, Lithuania, and Holland) have been invited to assume the role of representative but their response is still pending.

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