Policy on Unity

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“You do not have to see alike or feel alike or even think alike in order spiritually to be alike.” [The Urantia Book p.1591]

During the first quarterly meeting of 1998, the Trustees of Urantia Foundation developed a policy of support for the unity of all readers and reader groups involved in the dissemination of the teachings of The Urantia Book to the peoples of the world.

Formerly, Urantia Foundation has not had a publicly stated policy on this subject. The Trustees feel that it is imperative to the growth of this revelation that all readers work toward the same goal, unified in purpose, and diversified in means; that Urantia Foundation support those who want to disseminate the teachings, as long as the principles follow those within The Urantia Book, and are not distorted, nor represent a negative view of the Urantia Papers.

Urantia Foundation calls on all readers and groups to work together in cooperation to solve the many challenges ahead. The Trustees know that we as a group will not succeed in our mission if we are divided. We call on all who are involved to look inward and find the courage and energy to accomplish this great challenge of unity within a spirit of fraternal affection and intelligent cooperation.

The higher a creature's education, the more respect he has for the knowledge, experience, and opinions of others. (p.278]

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