Manager of Translations and International Representatives Appointed: Seppo Kanerva

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Due to the increased work involved with the coordination and administration of the translation project and the International Representative program, a new position titled “Manager of Translations and International Representatives” has been created to manage these two very important areas of work. Urantia Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Seppo Kanerva from Helsinki, Finland to this position.

Seppo is a multi-linguist and we are most fortunate to have access to his talents and services. He will be managing and coordinating all of the translation efforts, as well as the International Representatives.

The following is a brief description of his duties:

As Translations Manager his duties will include: providing advice on translation issues, assisting in decision-making with regard to translations, acting as the interface between the Trustees and the translators, assessing the practicability of any new book translation efforts, and monitoring and assisting ongoing translation efforts.

As Foundation Representative Manager his duties will include: providing the representatives with assistance, instruction, and information on their duties, acting as an interface between the representatives and the Foundation executive management, and receiving regular reports from the representatives and submitting a synthesis of them to the Executive Director.

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