IUA Administrator and Coordinator Appointed: Cathy Jones and Trevor Swadling

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For some time now, National Associations, Staff, and the Coordinating Committee have been asking the Trustees to provide a position or positions for IUA administration and coordination. This is so that there can be full time staff devoted to addressing the administrative needs of the IUA and assisting in the development and coordination of association activities. We are pleased to announce the appointment of Cathy Jones of Phoenix, Arizona to the position of IUA Administrator, and Trevor Swadling, a full time volunteer at 533 in Chicago (on loan from Sydney, Australia), as the IUA Coordinator. Their job descriptions are as follows:

IUA Administrator:

  • Oversee all administrative aspects for the development, inauguration, and licensing of new associations.

  • Arrange for announcements of new associations when appropriate.

  • Provide advice and assistance to association officers for the understanding of the duties of governing board members to insure the smooth operation of their associations.

  • Provide advice and support to associations in the development of study groups and reader contact.

  • Liaison with the Coordinating Committee and IUA officers, and provide them with assistance and coordination of projects as required.

  • Maintain a record oflUA's finances in liaison with the Foundation's Bookkeeper and Development Coordinator in Chicago.

  • Be prepared to do whatever functions IUA deems necessary to assist in the dissemination of the teachings of The Urantia Book

IUA Coordinator:

  • Assist the IUA Administrator in the development of study groups and reader contact by providing contact and referral information to local and national associations.

  • Create and maintain a study group data base for referrals ensuring that they are bona-fide Urantia Book study groups (meaning that the group focuses on the study of The Urantia Book and its teachings).

  • Assist the IUA Administrator with the update and maintenance of lUA's mailing list and referrals.

  • Respond to reader inquiries when needed and appropriate, and provide information on Urantia Foundation's purpose and function as well as information on IUA and reader activity.

  • Assist the IUA Administrator with liaising between the Coordinating Committee and IDA officers, providing them assistance and coordinating projects as required.

  • Provide assistance to the IlJA Administrator and the Coordinating Committee in the development, inauguration, and licensing of new associations.

  • Be responsible for the physical production and mailing of the IlJA Journal.

  • Maintain records of IUA Journal subscriptions, arrange for annual renewals, and liaison with Journal chief editor and IUA Administrator on Journal expenses and budget.

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