Reader Comments About The Urantia Book

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"I shall be happy if you give my name and telephone number to all students of The URANTIA Book in all over the worldwide." ~ GHANA

"I am twenty-five years old this year and have, so far been having an amazing year of discovery and personal triumph of a spiritual nature. It seems fitting that this year should have me stumble across The URANTIA Book. I have spent only a few days entrenched in its pages." ~ CANADA

"The other day I purchased an incredible book y'all published. Needless to say it is overwhelming, yet not all of it is new to me. Some of it is quite satisfying to my soul, meaning it resonates." ~ UNITED STATES

"It is the most enlightening book I have read in my life (and I've only read two-thirds of it-the back two-thirds), and I am going to continue to study it, and seek whatever quality amplifying material I can find." ~ E-MAIL

"Your Russian translators, having spent their years for this excellent work, didn't waste your time and money. For the very few exceptions (I'll write these remarks separately), they did a brilliant work, indeed. Please take my righteous greetings! It is extremely pleasant to have such a well-translated version, for any Russian reader. " ~ UKRAINE

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