Channeling and The Urantia Book? The South American Question

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In past issues of URANTIAN News, the Foundation has made disclaimer statements on the phenomenon known as "channeling" (See URANTIAN News, November 1993). The Foundation continues to receive occasional inquiries from concerned readers who want to know if there is any connection between the Foundation and claims of "channeling" and related material that includes concepts, names of personalities, and other identifiable information from The URANTIA Book.

Until recently, most inquiries from readers have been about several "channeling" groups in the USA, such as "The Teaching Mission" and "Gabriel of Sedona," both of which claim to have "channeled" a continuation of the fifth epochal revelation.

However, on a recent trip to South America, Trustees and staff visited study groups in ten cities in seven countries, and many readers in several countries asked if the Foundation was connected with a group called "Hermandad YO SOY" (the I AM Brotherhood). This group is based on "channeled" writings that are influencing groups of URANTIA Book readers throughout Central and South America. Some of the written material is entitled Annex of the fifth epochal revelation and contains terms like Grandfanda, Morontia, Hanavard, Lanaforge, etc., words that are unique to The URANTIA Book.

After reviewing these writings, we can see that it would be easy for new readers to be confused. Because these writings incorporate so many names from The URANTIA Book, many new readers believe it is the continuation of the teachings of The URANTIA Book.

Also in these writings, phrases familiar to URANTIA Book readers, such as "Order of Melchizedek," "Global Government of Humanity," "Truth, Goodness, and Beauty," etc., are mixed with new-age, astrology, reincarnation, and occult or esoteric terminology. Essentially, the authors use phrases, terms, and names from The URANTIA Book for credibility and to reinforce their authority on their believers.

These writings are easier to read but very different from The URANTIA Book and its teachings. If it is misconstrued that they are officially connected in some way with The URANTIA Book or the Foundation, there is a danger of dilution and confusion of the fifth epochal revelation.

While URANTIA Foundation neither endorses, promotes, nor denies any individual's personal experiences, we must assure readers that the Foundation has no connection with any of this so-called "channeled" material about which each individual will have to make up his or her own mind. Even so, the Trustees want to make the Foundation's position very clear: URANTIA Foundation disavows such material as having anything to do with The URANTIA Book or URANTIA Foundation.

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