Translations and Competition

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Two Trustees of URANTIA Foundation, Tom Burns and Georges Michelson-Dupont, went to Moscow and St. Petersburg in late February. The purpose of their trip was to personally deliver the newly printed Russian translation to readers who had been patiently awaiting its arrival.

What a thrill it was for the two Trustees to meet with their newly discovered sisters and brothers and to present them with copies of the Russian translation of The URANTIA Book! It is so true that "' in the experience of finding the Father in heaven you discover that all men are your brothers, and does it seem strange that one should enjoy the exhilaration of meeting a newly discovered brother? To become acquainted with one's brothers and sisters, to know their problems and to learn to love them, is the supreme experience of living.'" (page 1431)

The Russian readers had heard that a second translation might be published by a publisher unaffiliated with URANTIA Foundation. They were disturbed by this news and felt that more than one translation would cause confusion and division, and would also be a waste of precious resources.

The Trustees met recently with five members of the Fellowship's executive committee. It was agreed that the Fellowship and the Foundation would strive to be cooperative instead of competitive-with emphasis on co-operative efforts on translations. Unfortunately, since that meeting, the Fellowship's General Counsel passed a resolution "to establish translations of The URANTIA Book into many languages as a priority effort."

Almost everyone agrees that translating The URANTIA Book into many languages is of paramount importance, and that it is an enormous task-one which requires all available goodwill. Therefore, the Trustees of URANTIA Foundation-whose mission it is to protect, translate, and disseminate the Book-offer their hand, in the spirit of peace, brotherhood, and cooperation, to the Fellowship, and any other group or individual who wants to serve this Revelation. We ask you to join the URANTIA Foundation in its efforts to bring the teachings of The URANTIA Book to the peoples of Urantia by way of translating the Book into the many and diverse tongues of our planet.

"The workers in vineyards [of the fifth epochal revelation] are few." Why then waste valuable time, money, and energy in competing when we could be cooperating for the welfare of the Revelation? Are we the living branches which bear the fruits of the spirit? Are we living in such a way that others recognize us as disciples of Jesus and citizens of the kingdom of love, mercy, and service?

Conclusions. As dedicated readers of The URANTIA Book and members of the universal family of God, it is our privilege to behave in a way which advances the teachings of the Book and promotes unity among readers. "A house divided against itself cannot stand." We suggest to everyone, and to all organizations involved in any way with The URANTIA Book, that they ask themselves the following question before they make any decision that will impact the Revelation: Will making this decision promote spiritual unity and serve the Revelation?

"In civilization much, very much, depends on an enthusiastic and effective load-pulling spirit. Ten men are of little more value than one in lifting a great load unless they lift together-all at the same moment. And such teamwork-social co-operation-is dependent on leadership." (page 911)

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