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"For many years I have travailed the traditional documents, writings, and manuscripts, always with a burdensome volume of unanswered questions. The short time I was given to read The URANTIA Book, it satisfied a great deal of those for me." ~ Soledad, California, U.S.A.

"I have never come across such a wonderful, interesting, and marvelous book, very captivating, and time consuming. I loved it." ~ Kitwe, ZAMBIA

"I have been seeking light and truth for more years than I can remember and never have I seen anything even remotely comparable to what I've read thus far in 'The URANTIA Book.' So many of the truths you touch on are things I've always intuitively 'known,' but could never quite validate in terms of the traditional world 'religions. '" ~ Desoto, Missouri, U.S.A.

" ... The URANTIA Book for me is much more than hobby only. Recently it is my life, my hideaway. Notwithstanding I saw and began to read the Book just only in 1991, presently I see myself as absolutely devoted and motivated by the fifth epochal revelation to the extreme level of my abilities. I don't know if there are any words to express a degree of my trust and faith in this unique source of superhuman wisdom." ~ Kiev, UKRAINE

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