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The URANTIA Foundation headquarters at 533 Diversey Parkway in Chicago was built in 1905 and is included in the American Institute of Architecture (AIA) Guide to Chicago. In 1993, an article in the Chicago Tribune stated that "architecture buffs have had their eye on [the URANTIA Foundation building] for a long time, but no one knew much about it. It's of interest because it has such a beautiful facade, including Art Nouveau, which is really unusual for Chicago. It turned out to be designed by Frommann & Jensen, one of those firms that pops up everywhere when you least expect it..."

Because the building has received only minimal maintenance over the years, the Trustees established a committee of qualified persons to thoroughly and carefully inspect the building and to make recommendations for its maintenance. On Saturday, August 24, 1996, the Building Committee first met for a detailed tour and inspection of the building. The Committee is comprised of Co-Chairs Bryan Snowden and Nick Scalzo, Bert Cobb, Jerry Prentice, Trevor Swadling, Damian Bondi and Tonia and Steven Baney.

Every room, closet, and hallway, as well as the outside of the building and the roof, was carefully examined by each member of the committee. Having the building restored to excellent condition could cost over $500,000. We have established a special Building Fund for restoration and maintenance of 533. Your contributions are welcome and are tax deductible.

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