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In an effort to promote worldwide exposure of The URANTIA Book, the Foundation has a policy of attending, as an exhibitor, only professional book industry trade shows.

CHICAGO. In June, URANTIA Foundation attended the annual American Booksellers Association Convention that was held in Chicago. Much exposure and many contacts were made, as in past years, and with the ongoing translation efforts, many additional contacts were established. The Foundation staff, along with a few IUA volunteers, maintained the Foundation booth.

SINGAPORE. In September, because the Korean translation will see print in the near future, the Foundation attended "The 28th Singapore International Book Fair 1996." Contacts with distributors, bookstores, and translators were made. Interest was high regarding Far East book distribution as well as translation into Chinese. Because of the demand, the Foundation booth ran out of books within the first three days and had to ship more books from Australia. This trade show lasted 9 days and was attended by 500,000 persons.

FRANKFURT. In October, Seppo Kanerva and Hannu Stenroos from Finland attended the Frankfurt International Book Fair, the largest of its kind in the world. The Foundation was one of 6,600 exhibitors from 105 countries. The book show ran from October 2-7. Although The URANTIA Book seemed to be totally unknown in Germany, most of the visitors became genuinely interested in the book after asking several questions. Besides Germany, interested visitors hailed from Romania, Italy, Hungary, and Israel. This was the first time much of the reading public and the book industries in Germany and the recently liberated East European countries were exposed to The URANTIA Book.

GUADALAJARA. The next international book fair will be in Guadalajara, México, in November. It is a very large book trade show as well, with an expected attendance of 500,000 over 9 days. With worldwide interest in El libro de Urantia growing rapidly, we anticipate another productive venture.

VOLUNTEERS. If you are interested in attending a Foundation booth in the future please contact us. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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