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URANTIA Foundation has opened a home page on the World Wide Web. If you have a computer, a modem, internet access, and a web browser, you can visit URANTIA Foundation's website at the following website address:

This multiple language website (English, Finnish, French, and Spanish), will offer communication and study opportunities with readers of The URANTIA Book from around the world. Some of the features available are:

  1. The URANTIA Book on-line.
  2. Information about The URANTIA Book, URANTIA Foundation, International URANTIA Association (IUA), Friends of URANTIA Foundation, and study aids.
  3. On-line ordering of URANTIA Foundation's materials, including The URANTIA Book.
  4. Archives of current and past newsletters from URANTIA Foundation.
  5. IUA Conference information.

In addition to asking and receiving information, you can have your name included on the Foundation's electronic Mailing List.

Foundation Info

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