Reader Comments About The URANTIA Book

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"Six years ago I had the pleasure of receiving a copy of The URANTIA Book which contains a wealth of enlightening information and obviously, can be regarded as a meritorious literary work." ~ Estado de México, MÉXICO

"Distributing URANTIA Books and holding conferences and going on one kind of crusade or another are important ways of furthering our Great Cause. But such activities are only second-best methods of accomplishing the ultimate goal. The best method seems to me is to develop a character so sincere and matchless that people would just naturally ask, "what is your favorite book?" ~ Kansas City, Missouri, USA

"Having received so much from this book I am anxious to share this marvelous work with others. The solution to most problems lies in the unread pages." ~ Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

"URANTIA as the planet needs this information as a thirsting man needs water. . . . The Church has been converted into a political institution which has nothing in common with the role of the true revelation of God to ordinary people. That is why the information from The URANTIA Book becomes vital to ordinary people." ~ Vilnius, LITHUANIA

"This is an excellent book because it presents in depth (form & content) the mutual relations between the science, philosophy and religion on an universal scale." ~ Plovdiv, BULGARIA

"I have been appreciating The Book for many years. And I do wish to thank all that are helping to share it with others. ~ Chonburi, THAILAND

"The URANTIA Book enlightens me every day and I am writing to offer my service in spreading the word of God." ~ Guairate, ITALY

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