Farewell to William M. Hales (November 13, 1907 - June 25, 1995)

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Bill and Mary Lou Hales

On June 25, 1995, Bill Hales graduated from URANTIA. Bill was one of the five Trustees who created URANTIA Foundation in 1950 and was the Foundation's first President. Being a founding member of the Board of Trustees, Bill had a close relationship with The URANTIA Book and its dissemination to the world, even before its publication. Bill became involved with the URANTIA Papers in the 1920's, and his last official involvement was his post as Trustee Emeritus, which he resigned in 1989. Bill's service to the URANTIA Movement spanned seventy years, including thirty-three years as a Trustee and six years as a Trustee Emeritus.

Bill is survived by his wife, Mary Lou, his children John and Lynn, and his five grandchildren and five great grandchildren. The Hales family has been dedicated for many years to the study and dissemination of the teachings of The URANTIA Book . In addition to his activities related to The URANTIA Book , he maintained a life-long interest and involvement in civic activities that helped promote the growth of the individual—in mind, body, and spirit. Those who knew Bill agree that he lived a life of loving and unselfish service.

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