The Urantia Book Deluxe Editions to help Fund Translations

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In addition to the new softcover edition, the Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of three new, leatherbound editions of The URANTIA Book. All three editions are hardbound in a high-quality, dark blue, smooth leather with pages edged in gold leaf. These deluxe editions are being made available for those who love finely bound books, and for those who wish to support the high cost of translations by purchasing one of these volumes. Each hand-crafted, deluxe book will be of heirloom quality and should be a valuable addition to any library. All profits from their sale will be reserved to fund additional translations.

Below is a complete list of the printed English editions of The URANTIA Book :

The URANTIA Book—softcover (6"x 8")$19.95

The URANTIA Book—hardcover (8"x10")$48.00

The URANTIA Book—hardcover leatherbound (6"x 8")$75.00

The URANTIA Book—hardcover leatherbound (8"x10") $150.00

The URANTIA Book—hardcover leatherbound deluxe with leather slipcover (8"x10")$250.00

All leatherbound editions will be available direct from URANTIA Foundation. For ordering and shipping information, please call the Foundation office at (312) 525-3319.

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