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From time to time, over the years, readers have asked about a paperback or softcover edition of The URANTIA Book. But, because of the book's size, our desire for a durable, high-quality product, and the relatively low number of books produced with each printing, a paperback edition of The URANTIA Book was, in the past considered to be impractical. Then, about a year ago, some readers came to us with some new ideas and informed us of new developments in printing materials and technology which have now made such a book possible.

We are pleased to announce that in May, URANTIA Foundation will make available a softcover edition of The URANTIA Book. The new edition is smaller, lighter in weight, easy to read, and durable. The binding and paper are of high quality, and the softcover is made of a durable, flexible vinyl, the same color as the hardcover book. In content and format, page for page, it is identical to the hardcover book. By using high-quality paper and paying careful attention to the spacing of margins, lines, and words, the type will be only one-half point size smaller than the type in the larger books. This is barely noticeable and provides a very readable text.

The softcover book will retail at $19.95 and, like the hardcover edition, will be available through bookstores. If your local, full-service bookstore does not already carry The URANTIA Book (either soft- or hardcover) on their shelf, they can order it from URANTIA Foundation. As always, if you do not have access to a bookstore, you may purchase The URANTIA Book direct from URANTIA Foundation.

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