Second Printing of El Libro de URANTIA Available in July 1995

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In less than two years, the first printing of 5,000 copies of El libro de Urantia, the Spanish translation of The URANTIA Book, is almost sold out. The second printing, with some corrections and revisions, is currently being prepared for printing.

El libro de URANTIA will be printed in the new, smaller, softcover version and sold through bookstores for a suggested retail price $19.95. We realize, however, that in certain countries, Chile, for example, the retail price will be higher because of shipping costs and rather high import duties, customs duties, and local sales tax. These factors, among others, have kept the retail price of the book in some countries quite high, and the Foundation has been, since the first printing, seeking ways to make available a less expensive book for readers there. Even though the shipping, the duties, the taxes, and generally higher mark-ups will still affect the price of the new, smaller volume, the overall price reductions should make El libro de URANTIA much more affordable to our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters. URANTIA Foundation is continuing to search for additional ways to reduce the price of the book, including efforts to overcome the complexities of printing the book locally in other countries.

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