Reader Comments About The URANTIA Book

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"During the past seventeen years the book has given me tremendous insight into what our world and universe is really all about, and an intelligent basis for my growing faith in God. Without The URANTIA Book 's replete and plausible perspective, I'm sure I would be very frustrated with the myriad understandings and belief systems available to us as humans." ~ Dallas, Texas U.S.A.

"As I read The URANTIA Book, my soul fills with a sensation of peace I have never experienced." ~ Mexico D.F., MEXICO

"The URANTIA Book has been a fulcrum in my life; I do not need any supplement to it. It stands on its own. It allows me to open my doors to my Thought Adjuster at my own pace. Precious benefit." ~ Longview, Washington U.S.A.

"The URANTIA Book is brilliant, we thank you, that this kind of Book and URANTIA Foundation exist. We wish you luck." ~ Tallinn, ESTONIA

"I was lucky enough in finding this book in a shopping center bookstore. It was the last one. And since then I have been reading it, ...with great enchantment, for it seems that at long last I'm getting the answers to many issues I've always wanted to know about." ~ Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL

"I believe this personal approach of introduction is one of the things that separates these teachings from all others and encourages thinking individuals to give it a chance unencumbered by a sales pitch that is so often associated with other religious teachings. I also believe this is more important today than ever before as we become bombarded with so many religions trying to sell their wares or beliefs through every form of media." ~ Sixes, Oregon U.S.A.

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