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Since 1990, URANTIA Foundation has been involved in a court struggle to uphold the copyright in The URANTIA Book and to retain its custodial ownership of the nine registered trade-, service, and collective membership marks, that is, the Concentric-Circles Symbol and the words "URANTIA" and "URANTIAN." Unfortunately, this court struggle is far from over, but some major rulings, both favorable and unfavorable, have been issued. In what follows, we shall explain what has taken place, what is going to take place, and what is still unclear or undecided at the time of this writing. But before addressing the specific legal rulings, we should like to make a few general comments.

URANTIA Foundation is the organization which has been assigned the task of publishing The URANTIA Book, disseminating its teachings, and, through its custodial ownership of the copyright and marks, protecting the integrity of the text on behalf of all the peoples of the planet. For forty-five years, the Foundation has quietly discharged its Trust, protecting the copyright and marks, translating the book into other languages, and encouraging the patient, person-to-person, non-invasive dissemination of the book and its teachings.

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