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Fall 1994

Urantia Foundation is pleased to announce that the computer version of The Urantia Book is now in the final stages of production and will be available by Christmas. The text has been mated to the latest version of the Folio View search program.

Publication of the computer version was stalled for some time as a result of legal considerations related to litigation. But the difficulty has finally been resolved by mastering and duplicating in France.

Although the delay has been unfortunate, it has resulted in a new generation of more powerful and user-friendly software, which was not available even a year ago. The version, which the Foundation will be making available, runs in the Windows® environment on IBM-compatible computers. The five disk set is packaged in a storage folder which resembles the book. The program provides state-of-the-art search capabilities, allowing for single word searches, searches for phrases, limited searches (scope control), and a search history which allows retracing the search path.

Although the software does not allow changes to be made to the text “infobase,” it does make possible many useful editing features. The electronic equivalent of “sticky notes” can be stuck to chosen paragraphs. These notes can contain any information the user wants to enter. A visual indicator shows that a note has been attached to a certain paragraph, and by a click of the mouse, the note can be brought up on the screen. To those accustomed to writing comments in the margins of the book, this notation capability will be a valuable enhancement.

For those who use highlighters, this program allows the use of many different colors. For example, if one wants to highlight passages about “love,” one can do so by using a color specific to “love” and can even name the color “love.” Many colors are available and can be used for tracking many different subjects.

The program has many features, too numerous to mention here, but to name a few, it has pop-up links, multiple bookmarks, and linked table of contents. In addition, since it runs under Windows®, it has split screen, multiple windowing, and the convenience of mouse access.

If you want to order the computer version of The Urantia Book
Price: US $150, call The Urantia Foundation at (312) 525-3319 or send a check or money order to:

Urantia Foundation
533 Diversey Parkway
Chicago, Illinois 60614.

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