Removed Trustee seeks Reinstatement - Martin W. Myers

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Seeking reinstatement as a Trustee, Martin W. Myers has filed suit against the Trustees of the URANTIA Foundation. His suit claims that, when he was removed by the unanimous vote of his fellow Trustees, the Trustees should have followed some procedure other than, or in addition to, the procedure set forth in the Declaration of Trust and the ByLaws of URANTIA Foundation. Mr. Myers's suit admits that all of the other Trustees voted unanimously to remove him (as specified in the Declaration of Trust), and that they did so in three separate votes at successive quarterly meetings (as specified in the ByLaws) in October 1992, January 1993, and April, 1993. The Trustees have filed motions asking the Court to dismiss Mr. Myers's claims. Those motions show, among other things, that the Declaration of Trust and the ByLaws authorize the Trustees to remove Mr. Myers as a Trustee. The decision of the Court will be reported in a future issue.

While the current Trustees of the URANTIA Foundation will do everything possible to avoid litigation, they shall also do everything necessary to be faithful to their Trust.

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