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URANTIA Foundation's Library Placement Program continues to show results on an international scale. The Arena, the newsletter of the Australian and New Zealand URANTIA Association, reports:

"ANZURA is currently assisting URANTIA Foundation in the placement of one hundred books in libraries throughout New Zealand. It is interesting to note that at an Australian conference held in 1992, out of the 36 persons who attended, just over half of these people had found the book in their local library."

In the United States, books are going out to public, prison, and university libraries. Books are also being placed via our offices in England and Finland, and by individuals in many countries around the world. This includes translations of The URANTIA Book and copies of The URANTIA Book Concordance. In Spanish speaking countries alone, 127 copies of El libro de URANTIA have been placed, including a dozen in Cuba.

Through this project and many others like it, the fifth epochal revelation is gradually making its way through human institutions of education and on to individuals.

If you are interested in placing books in libraries in your area, please contact your local Association of IUA or the Foundation office.

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