Australian and New Zealand Urantia Association

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"Some of the main objectives of the Association have been to support the steady spread of the revelation through undramatic, everyday means: by placing The URANTIA Book in libraries, by encouraging local autonomous and informal URANTIA Book study groups, and by maintaining a readership network designed to facilitate contact between readers if they wish. ANZURA also sponsors and supports annual conferences for students of The URANTIA Book, which are hosted by different study groups and held at different locations from year to year.

"It has been the intention of ANZURA to assist the dissemination of The URANTIA Book into Australia and New Zealand without encumbering it with church, temple, or other spiritual institutions. ANZURA is made up of individuals who have come to recognize the significance of The URANTIA Book and the integrated beauty of its teachings, who have a natural desire to help in the dissemination of The URANTIA Book. The URANTIA Book encourages us to develop our own philosophy through study, experience, decisions, and actions. We hold the view and recognize that collectively there are certain things we can support and achieve together.

"ANZURA supports URANTIA Foundation, the publisher of The URANTIA Book, and recognizes and respects its function as the custodian of the text. The Charter and Bylaws for IUA are very much in harmony with the constitution of ANZURA and [are] truly international. The membership has recognized the value of becoming officially affiliated with IUA, so that we may assist in the world.

"Referring Readers to Study Groups. The local study group, the place where teamwork is forged and spiritual growth is fostered, is the primary social and educational organization for disseminating the teachings of The URANTIA Book. IUA will foster study groups which focus exclusively on the study of The URANTIA Book.

"Responding to Reader Inquiries....The first social interaction of a reader with other readers is an important event. Members of IUA can volunteer to act as first contacts for referrals from the Foundation. By doing everything possible to make such first contacts uplifting and enlightening, they will encourage the spread of the teachings and will foster the growth of study groups. Just as the Trustees of the URANTIA Foundation function as the custodians of the text and registered marks, and take care of related business aspects of The URANTIA Book, IUA members may volunteer for social trusts, such as meeting with, and answering the questions of, readers referred to them."

The members of the Australian and New Zealand URANTIA Association of IUA send this greeting to fellow readers: "We wish all those who actively and sincerely participate in the dissemination of the teachings of The URANTIA Book, well in their endeavors in assisting with the spiritual regeneration of human kind."

Undoubtedly many readers from around the world will want to celebrate with our Australian and New Zealand friends. This new step in conscious cooperation to further the dissemination of the teachings of The URANTIA Book bodes well for the future. Readers who would like to subscribe to The Arena may write to: ANZURA, Box 609, Narrabeen, NSW 2101, Australia.

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