The International Urantia Association for Readers of The Urantia Book

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We are pleased to announce the formation of our reader membership organization, the International URANTIA Association (IUA), for readers of The URANTlA Book. IUA is a task-oriented, social and service organization formed by the URANTIA Foundation to foster the in-depth study of The URANTlA Book and the orderly dissemination of its teachings. One of its main tasks is to put readers in touch with one another. IUA will accomplish its tasks of facilitation and coordination by: referring readers to study groups; responding to reader inquiries; sponsoring meetings, seminars and conferences; developing teaching and leadership skills; and publishing newsletters and periodicals.

For some time, the URANTIA Foundation has been considering the advice of readers about a social and service group for readers of The URANTIA Book. The Trustees met with readers in Finland, Australia, and several cities in the U.S.A. and received many constructive ideas for the new membership organization, including the suggestion to choose a global, international name for the group. Hence our new title: International URANTIA Association.

The various features of the International URANTIA Association, what it will do as well as what it will not do, what it will be as well as what it will not be, are explained in a brochure which includes the Charter and Bylaws of IUA. Ifyou are interested in being a part of the International URANTIA Association, 'call or write the Foundation office to request a copy of the brochure and an application form.

Through IUA, we invite you to join with us in disseminating the teachings of The URANTlA Book and providing a service ministry and a social interaction for readers. You are invited to be a part of the team now gathering under the Concentric-Circles Symbol.

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