Hail and Farewell - James Carleton Mills, PH.D. (March 8, 1908 -July 29, 1993)

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(Jim) James Carleton MillsJim Mills had an inspiring history of service from the early days of the URANTIA movement. He was a member of the Forum from 1951 to 1955. He served as a committee member, General Councilor, Vice-President, and President of the URANTIA Brotherhood. And he served the URANTIA Foundation as a Trustee, a member of the ACT Committee, and as Trustee Emeritus.

After graduating from Albion College in 1931 and marrying Eunice M. Foster in 1933, he became a successful businessman, pursuing a career as sales engineer for a large industry. In his later years, Jim retired from industry, re-entered school, and achieved a life-long dream when, at the age of 77, he received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Florida State University. Jim completed his work career as a professor of ethics.

Jim did not begin life with a tail wind. He had to face and surmount his share of challenges and difficulties. What emerged was a man of exceptional grace and wisdom, whose spiritual fragrance and clear insight inspired and influenced readers of The URANTIA Book for decades. To many of us, Jim Mills was a trusted counselor, a remarkable teacher, and a beloved older brother.

Intellectually, Jim was logical and tough, but personally, he was gentle. During several periods of turmoil in our history, he never failed to maintain his equilibrium and purpose. By so doing, he steadied many who may have otherwise wavered. With diplomacy, skill, and characteristic wit, Jim addressed the issues of the hour without forgetting the vision of eternity. He was a trusted leader and a wonderful friend .

Quietly, but consistently, Jim was present to offer his counsel when requested. So many people, from the newest reader to the most experienced, have so many times benefited from his teaching, counsel, and fatherly devotion that it is difficult to describe his life in just a few words. Perhaps the following snapshot will convey something of his nature.

On the day before his death, Jim lay in a hospital bed, obviously experiencing considerable discomfort. But to visitors who had come from out of town, his first words were "Where are you staying?" Since both Jim and Eunice were in the hospital, he appeared to have been concerned about his visitors' lodging and comfort. After a short time, the visitors left. His last words were, "Have a safe trip home." We wish the same for him.

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