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Within certain circles of people reading The URANTIA Book, there has developed over the last couple years a phenomenon which has been labeled "channeling" or "The Teaching Mission." Advocates of this phenomenon claim to be in touch with superhuman personalities, who sometimes have names taken from The URANTIA Book.

First, it must be said that, whenever possible, the URANTIA Foundation avoids commenting upon anyone's personal religious experience. However, if the claims of an individual or group begin to disrupt or supplant the study of The URANTIA Book, while claiming to represent the "true" message of The URANTIA Book's teachings, then our responsibility is to differentiate our organization and its affiliated groups from groups which depart from the study of The URANTIA Book.

We believe that the present claims of "channeling" have diverted groups from the in-depth study of The URANTIA Book to the "short-cut" of seeking contact with spirit beings through voices or trancelike states. Some people have made claims that a "continuation" of The URANTIA Book is being "channeled." Hints of apocalyptic warnings are also being issued. Historically such warnings are common to these kinds of phenomena.

We recognize and respect the right of all people to make up their own mind about religious issues. However, we think it is our duty to inform those on our mailing list that "channeling" has nothing to do with the URANTIA Foundation, and that "channelers" and members of "The Teaching Mission" are not knowingly accepted as members of the International URANTIA Association. An important task of IVA is referring readers of The URANTIA Book to other readers or to study groups. We cannot in good faith refer readers, especially new readers, to groups or individuals who are practicing "channeling".

The URANTIA Foundation has taken great care over the years to insure that The URANTIA Book is not publicly identified with cultic, psychic, or occult groups and phenomena. Our intention is to let the beauty of The URANTIA Book's teachings be unencumbered by public alliance with either New Age religions on the one hand or traditional religions on the other.

The URANTIA Book teaches:

Altogether too much of the uprush of the memories of the unconscious levels of the human mind has been mistaken for divine revelations and spirit leadings. (p. 1099)

Under no circumstances should the trancelike state of visionary consciousness be cultivated as a religious experience. (p. 1099)

The secret of [Jesus'] unparalleled religious life was this consciousness of the presence of God; and he attained it by intelligent prayer and sincere worship—unbroken communion with God—and not by leadings, voices, visions, or extraordinary religious practices. (p. 2089)