Urantia Foundation Opens Office In Finland - Seppo Niskanen, Seppo Kanerva

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Through the coordinated efforts of Finnish readers and the URANTIA Foundation, we are pleased to announce the establishment of an office in Finland. This office will serve readers in Finland, Sweden, and Estonia.

The Finnish office will be managed by Seppo Niskanen and Seppo Kanerva. The address of the Finnish office is:

URANTIA Foundation
Mannerheimintie 41b A 31
00250 Helsinki

Last year, through the coordinated efforts of Australian readers and the URANTIA Foundation, a Foundation office was opened in Australia. Trevor and Kathleen Swadling are the managers of the office, the address of which is:

URANTIA Foundation
7 Walsh Street
North Narrabeen
Sydney NSW 2101

As more and more translations are completed, the Foundation's hope is that more offices will be opened. We see the Foundation's role as being that of a facilitator and coordinator, for "[t]hat state is best which coordinates most while governing least" (803:09).

Foundation Info

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