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Update On Translations

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Update On Translations

With the experience gained from translations already completed, we are now moving forward on several new translations. No one should think, however, that translations can be done overnight. The process of assembling a translation team, doing a translation, and then editing, polishing, formatting, and printing takes about seven to ten years. (For example, the current Finnish translation has been in process for over nine years.)

Russian - By maintaining a pace of approximately one Paper per week, the Russian translation team has translated the Foreword, Part I and Part II. The team will have soon translated the first half of the book.

Dutch - The Dutch translation team reports that they have completed the translation. Copy-editing has begun as the process continues.

Since there have been no fund-raising campaigns for these new translations, all expenses must be borne by the URANTIA Foundation and its affiliates. The Trustees would welcome any contributions for these and future translations.

Other Languages - We are always searching for qualified individuals to translate The URANTIA Book into other languages. Some of our criteria and guidelines for translators are:

  1. That they be equally proficient in English and their native language.
  2. That they be a part of a team comprised of a chief translator and one, two, or three assistants.
  3. That they translate from the English version of The URANTIA Book.
  4. That they shall have read The URANTIA Book several times-six or more would be ideal.
  5. That they be aware that a quality translation can take a decade or more to complete.