Translations, Concordance, and Eleventh Printing of The Urantia Book Available In Early June

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In early June, the Spanish and Finnish translations, a Finnish index, an English concordance, and the 11th printing of The URANTIA Book in English will be delivered to the URANTIA Foundation. This constitutes the largest printing ever of The URANTIA Book.

3,000 copies of the first printing of the Finnish translation, 5,000 copies of the first printing of the Spanish translation, 25,000 copies of the eleventh printing of the English version of The URANTIA Book, 3,000 copies of the first printing of a Finnish index, and 3,000 copies of an exhaustive English concordance: the arithmetic tells the story. We are about to receive and begin the dissemination of 39,000 books.

The Spanish translation, El libro de URANTIA, will be available for a suggested retail price of US $55. El libro de URANTIA, like the English version, will be sold through bookstores.

The Finnish translation, URANTIA-kirja (pronounced keer-yah, accent on the first syllable) may be purchased from bookstores for a suggested retail price of US $90 and the Finnish Index may be purchased for US $80.

The difference in suggested retail price between the Finnish and Spanish translations is due to the fact that the Spanish printing was a larger run and therefore less expensive. In addition, the entire cost of translating and printing El libro de URANTIA was met by the contributions of many readers. In 1984 there was a fund-raising drive and $290,000 was raised for the "Spanish Translation Fund." No such fund was established for the Finnish translation and index, although the Finnish readers independently raised money to assist with the translation costs of URANTIA-kirja. Even so, some of the translation costs and all of the editing, formatting, and printing costs of the Finnish translation and index are coming out of the Foundation's general funds. These "unfunded" costs amount to US $270,000.

Because of the coordinated efforts of the translation teams, scores of contributors, and the URANTIA Foundation, The URANTIA Book will now be more accessible in more parts of the world than ever before.

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