Reader Comments About The Urantia Book

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"I have been reading The URANTIA Book and simultaneously translating it orally into Spanish for other interested friends. The book is of most highest interest to us." ~ Bolivar, VENEZUELA

"This is the most wonderful, useful and wanted gift I've ever received. I am very sure it will be used for the greater glory of God, my spiritual progress and individuals I'll meet in the future. My fatherland has suffered under communists' oppression for 4S years .... They were hard times .... After 4S years of atheism many people's soul has grown dark. So we're in great need to have God's grace and much help. That's why I'm very grateful to you for sending me The URANTIA Book." ~ Budapest, HUNGARY

"I have never seen a book quite like it and it has already greatly changed my opinion about a great many things but my outlook on life has been affected the most." ~ Dannemora, New York, USA

"I pray for the success of the URANTIA Book throughout the whole world, and I'm just about half way through with reading the entire URANTIA Book for the second time." ~ Provo, Utah, USA

I have received two URANTIA Books from you, thank you. These interesting books will be passed on to my local library. Our local libraries have no such kind of books. Your books will be a step to new understanding [of] the world and the universe." ~ Moscow, RUSSIA

"I can't tell you how much value has been added to my life as a result of reading the URANTIA Papers. It's been a joy and a challenge." Escondido, California, USA "I just want to thank you for all this interesting source of spirituality." Sao Paulo, BRAZIL "I am in a state of awe at the information contained therein. In my 44 years of present life on the planet, 1 have never read such mindboggling and mind opening information, all in one text. I've become familiar with various incidents, names, words, and stories thru studying over the years, but I've been left in confusion, until coming upon this study. This work is a "Master Key" that unlocked the door of my understanding." Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA "Many tears fell on the book while reading the emotional parts." ~ Heusden, NETHERLANDS

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